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THE REASON BEHIND “A Magical Christmas”

Hi everybody!

Time is pretty bleak at the moment with everything going on. I am, like a lot of people I hope, tired to live and think about it. It’s getting me down. The whole idea of “a Magical Christmas” in Café Nomad is to bring happiness and “joie de vivre” to people through food, a lovely location and with good company. So let’s celebrate Christmas together!

Thinking about the meal, the girls and I wanted to take Café Nomad to a new level and a little bit out of its comfort zone to be honest. So we’ve created a Christmas Menu for Friday the 25th of December (that’s logical for most .. lol), starting from 13.30.

Our generous menu consists of a scrumptious homemade 4 course meal - AND because you are all special, we added a festive drink on arrival (which we are still working on as it clearly involves a lot of tasting ... haha) and a coffee with mince pie. So that’s pretty much a 6 course meal!

With all of this, I have also managed to squeeze a little Frenchness into the menu of which I hope you will enjoy! Also, not that you will notice any difference, our menu will be totally gluten free. And finally to keep the spirit of Café Nomad, we have loaded our menu with lots of vegan options to add or choose from - a win-win for all our customers!

Yesterday, we had a full tasting session and I can tell you, the menu is to die for. Raquel has worked her socks off! It’s authentic, quirky & with generous portions.

To finish with, because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it, we will lift your spirits up with joyful music, attention to detail and lots of smiles so we can all have a jolly Merry Christmas together.

I hope you will like the menu and look forward to seeing you!

Please feel free to write some comments below, I would love to hear from you!

See you all soon.

Géraldine x

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