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Cafe Nomad in 2021

Like most, every year is kind of the same thing. In the first week of January, I make a list of do’s and don’ts for the next 365 days. From history, I can honestly say that a couple of weeks later, all of my goals have gone down the drain. This year is ever so different in many ways because: ONE – let´s mention the elephant in the room named Covid-19; where quick thinking and adapting to new things every 5 minutes is definitely compulsory. And SECONDLY because I am still a new cafe owner: I must plan no matter what! So, let me tell you what is in stall for Nomad in 2021!

First, I haven’t told you about what I have been doing since September. For those who have read my previous blogs, I have been working in the catering industry for many years – however I have never ran a business before – let alone in a foreign country! From Nomad, every day I do meet so many different customers (most wonderful and few challenging one haha); and then I met my bold, so knowledgeable, no nonsense Canadian mentor & friend named Natasha. She is showing me the way to get Cafe Nomad to a whole new level in terms of branding, marketing, advertising, social media etc; the list is endless. I can´t thank her enough! All of this to say that there will be some cosmetic changes for Nomad this year and I am very exciting about it!

Another new goal this year is to reward my wonderful customers because without them we will simply be nothing! So, I am in the process of making some little loyalty cards for you to use! I will let you know when they roll out this year!

Lastly, Cafe Nomad is going to expand on Take Away and events – well Covid-19 permitting!

- TAKE AWAY: Clearly since last summer, we have had a higher demand on take away for sure and I would like to expand on this. So, we are looking at changing all our stationery and packaging to make it look more attractive.

- EVENTS: This is definitely something close to my heart. Before I had children, I used to work as a Conference & Event planner for a large hotel chain. I loved my job, so would like to incorporate this into Cafe Nomad as we have such a wonderful place with great food. It would be such a shame not to share! In February, we have Valentine’s day on Sunday the 14th, so we have planned to make an absolutely gorgeous 3 tier food platter to share with your loved one or even your best friends!

That’s enough about me for the moment, I’d love to hear your new years resolutions and goals. Please feel free to share and comment below.

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