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A New Beginning

Cafe NOMAD was created by a lovely couple some years ago. The lady owner developed some food allergies prior, and from this, the concept of offering gluten free and vegan options with freshly prepared food was born.

OUR story with Cafe NOMAD actually began in January 2019.

My family and I moved to Spain for my husband's work, promising ourselves it would be our last move having changed countries every 3 years for the past 15!

Being a busy mum of 3 with growing girls, I was researching on the internet businesses for sale (with no intention of buying by the way!) as I always wanted to own a cafe some day.

It was here that I came across Cafe NOMAD. I loved it straight away because it was not just your regular beachfront café - everything about it was amazing : homemade and healthy food, different concepts, wonderful staff, light, bright and airy inside.… so much potential.

That day, we made contact and put an offer in which was accepted. Sadly, as we found out in Spain, nothing is yours until it’s official. The next day, somebody bought it from right under our noses. We (I) were distraught.

Then earlier on this year, I went back to Cafe NOMAD … why? I can’t recall. I got talking to the lovely owner and found out he was looking to sell to pursue other interests. Call it faith, coincidence... but 2 weeks later Cafe NOMAD was ours.

Now, finishing the story like this would be fantastic … “they lived happily ever after” … but ten days later, COVID-19 came. Keys in the door, like everybody else we were closed for 8 weeks. I can’t tell you the roller coaster of emotions we had. Looking back, my positive nature kept us going (or naivety). Because Café Nomad is special in many ways, with the encouragement of my husband and our many regular customers, we decided to give it a try and open mid May. With no staff & a (very) limited menu 😁 … we kept going.

Mid July, we took the plunge and fully opened with Emi and Raquel. The response was overwhelming.

Now, we certainly don’t know what the future will bring. We can only do our best and keep going with a positive attitude.

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