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Our Story

OUR story with Café Nomad actually begins in January 2019. 

My family and I moved to Spain for my husband's work, promising ourselves it would be our last move, having changed countries every 3 years for the past 15 years!
Busy mum of 3 growing girls, I was searching on the net for businesses for sale (with no intention of buying by the way) as I always wanted to own a café some day. Here I came across Café Nomad.


The Team



Mum of 3 girls : a very helpful teenager, an active 10 year old and a strong headed 7 year old who thinks she is 14! Married for 14 years to an English man Steve. Yes 14 … OMG.
At the age of 15, I studied at a French catering school which I suppose molded me the way I am today: hard working, organised (my friends would say obsessively organised : my life is a spreadsheet) and I do genuinely care about people. Otherwise why work in this industry, right?



Our chef Raquel is a perfectionist - and I mean a perfectionist! Nothing will leave the kitchen without her approval. She loves to cook & bake and has all the secret recipes of our homemade cakes! On the fun side of things, she does have a reputation of leaving a trail of food mess when we get busy!!



Emi is the most friendly person I have ever met. Nothing is too much for her. She is dedicated, fun and hard working. We call her DJ Emi, because she’s the only one who has Café Nomad’s playlist!



Not to forget, my lovely Mancunian husband. He is an awesome utility man : from washing up, making smoothies, taking the bins out, setting up the terrace etc … This is definitely an important job! Also his favourite pastime is to eat yesterday's croissants or whatever Raquel allows him to have!


Our little helpers

Although behind the scene, Café Nomad is definitely a family business! From napkin folding to setting the terrace up, our girls are playing an important part!